​Civil Litigation & Injunctive Reliefs In Malaysia A practical Guide

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Civil Litigation & Injunctive Reliefs In Malaysia A practical Guide

Author: Shahrul Mizan Ismail &  Yusfarizal Yusoff
Publisher:  UKM Press
ISBN:  9789672515746
Weight: 0.386
Pages: 258pp
Year: 2023
Price: RM45

Civil Litigation & Injunctive Reliefs in Malaysia: A Practical Guide combines the principles of litigation that relate to the procedural part of injunction relief. Injunctive relief, known as an injunction, is a legal remedy sought in a civil lawsuit. Rather than offering money as payment for wrongs in a civil lawsuit, injunctive relief is a court order for the defendant to stop a specified act of behaviour. It could be seen that when a party takes an action based on injunctive relief, it is not about money. It is either to ask the other party to do something or refrain from doing something. In this regard, injunctive relief becomes special.

Hence, this book provides comprehensive and thorough knowledge regarding injunctive relief. This book touches on the principles of injunctive relief, types of injunctions and their requirements and conditions. Apart from that, it also guides the readers on applying for injunctive relief as a civil remedy in court and drafting the relevant cause papers. The publication of this book is made possible with Dana Penerbitan Buku, DPB-2020-253.



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