​Computational Thinking In Project -Oriented Problem-Based Learning For Engineering Design

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Computational Thinking In Project -Oriented Problem-Based Learning For Engineering Design 

Author:  Nazrul Anuar Nayan & Norhaslinda Abdul Samad 
Publisher:   UKM Press
ISBN:  9786297547404
Weight: 0.203
Pages: 126pp
Year: 2023
Price: RM30

Diverse unique and contemporary approach have been offered to enhance knowledge and skills among students. To build a future workforce that is competent and inventive, knowledge alone is insufficient. Students should be equipped with necessary skills for the 21" century, such as computational thinking skills. Computational thinking (CT) is a new problem-solving method for its extensive use of computer science techniques and its applicability across all subjects, including science, mathematics, and engineering. It synthesizes critical thinking and existing knowledge and applies them in solving complex technological problems. As educators, we believe that creative and critical problem-solving skills are essential to be practised by the students and engineers themselves, thus explaining our motivation for publishing this book entitled Computational Thinking in Project-oriented Problem-based Learning (POPBL) for Engineering Design.

In engineering, it is necessary to include physical artifacts into problem-solving approaches. Which means, an end product is desired to solve engineering problems. In this book, the concept of POPBL is introduced as a method in solving authentic world problems through the development of a product with well-structured methodologies in a defined project. Thus, the goal of this book is to provide adequate problem-solving structures and guidelines for the users to solely focus on using their brains to solve real-world problems. The intended audiences are teachers, university students, lecturers, engineers and leaders. In brief, this book emphasizes on the understanding of computational thinking concepts, its applications during teaching and learning with POPBL to develop solutions for engineering problems.

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