Creative Thinking An Islamic Perspective 2nd Edition

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Creative Thinking An Islamic Perspective 

Author: Jamal Badi & Mustapha Tajdin
Publisher: IIUM Press
ISBN: 9789832957225
Pages: 262pp
Year: 2021
Price: RM40

Enthusiastic readers, notably those who have special interest in thinking and cognition, are expected to know a great deal on creativity both as a skill and as a discipline. However, rare are those who have thoughts on what a religion like Islam has to say about it. Many vital fields of studies seem to have been alienated from religious principles and values, as if religion distrupts the smoth and triumphant march of human knowledge. This book presents a humble argument for the worth of Islamic principles and values in the domain of thinking and creativity. Though this work is an introductory textbook devised for teaching purposes, it hopes to meet the expectations of those who seek detailed and informative account of the subject.

In addition to his autobiography, De Coutre wrote a series of memorials to the crowns of Spain and Portugal that contain recommendations designed to remedy the decline in the fortunes of the Iberian powers in Southeast Asia, particularly against the backdrop of early Dutch political and commercial penetration into the region.

Annotated and translated into English for the first time, these materials provide a valuable first-hand account of the issues confronting the early colonial powers in Southeast Asia, and deep insights into the societies De Coutre encountered in the territory that today makes up Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. The book is lavishly illustrated with 62 maps and drawings of the period, including many examples not previously published.



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