Dark Forces Changing Malaysia

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PRE ORDER Issues and Ideas In Education For The New Malaysia

Author:  Lim Teck Ghee & Murray Hunter
Publisher: SIRD
ISBN: 9789672464471
Pages: 200
Year: 2022
Price: RM38

“Lim and Hunter’s prolific writings shed light on the resultant effects of macro and micro-policies that have shaped Malaysia. Their analyses touch especially on the key actors—individuals and organizations—that have played a catalytic role in misshaping the nation’s development. Both their opinions and reflections on the issues written here have their foundation in fundamental economics, and rightly so. Civilizational progress or regression can be seen to be closely aligned to the foundational economics of society. The end of the crisis and the dark forces will come. The question is only when and how and whether we, the people, can rise to save what is rightfully ours.”
Siti Z Kasim
Lawyer and activist

“Can Malaysia return to the nation-building principles our forefathers agreed to—constitutional monarchy, separation of powers, rule of law, democracy, good governance, and a plural society? Lim and Hunter have grappled with these issues which will decide the future of Malaysia.”
Lim Kit Siang
MP for Iskandar Puteri and former leader of the opposition

“Lim and Hunter take on the daunting task of unraveling the complexities of the Malaysian journey since independence. They have dared to touch on all the issues that really matter which have been bullied out of the public space for being ‘sensitive’ and therefore off-limits to any reasonable discussion. Yet discuss them we must. Through the years, Malaysia, or rather her politicians, have woven a tangled web of power, race, religion, and corruption that seems impenetrable. These power dynamics have brought us to our current sorry state. This book helps us to take that crucial first step of looking at ourselves honestly and critically. If we can all put the nation first and do just that, we have a chance of Malaysia we dreamed of. This book is essential reading for all Malaysians who believe this is yet possible.”
Ambiga Sreenevasan
Lawyer and human rights advocate

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