Daylighting Of School Classrooms: Performance In public School Classrooms In Malaysia

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Daylighting Of School Classrooms: Performance In public School Classrooms In Malaysia

Author: Anselm Dass Mathalamuthu & Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim
Publisher: UKM Press
ISBN: 9789672518785
Weight: 0.270 kg
Pages: 174pp
Year: 2022
Price: RM40

Daylight as a form of natural light can be obtained freely from the sky to illuminate the interior spaces of various building types. This book is specifically about daylighting of public school classrooms in Malaysia. Since independence, the blueprints of school classrooms in Malaysia have been based on the Public Works Department's design requirements and specifications. Most of the classrooms design in Malaysia, both for primary or secondary public schools have remained the same over the past several decades. Daylighting strategies for classrooms have not been given much thoughts but the essential features have been present since the beginning. The main reason behind this issue could be the misconception amongst clients and architects who usually equate daylight with sunlight in buildings. The former actually gives comfort to interior while the later produce undesirable heat. Most public school classrooms in Malaysia achieve the required illuminance standard and perform quite well in admitting daylight into interiors even during an overcast sky condition. This book explains this scenario at the same time identifying classroom features and characteristics which promote daylighting. Information and suggestions in this book can be useful in promoting a better understanding about school classroom daylighting and about ways of improving it in the future.



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