Healthcare Simulation for Clinician Educators A Practical Approach

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Healthcare Simulation for Clinician Educators A Practical Approach

Author: Ismail Mohd Saiboon
Publisher: UKM Press
ISBN: 9789672519850
Weight: 0.368
Pages: 248pp
Year: 2023
Price: RM45.00

Healthcare Simulation for Clinician Educators: A Practical Approach is a book specially written for any clinical educators who are interested to learn about teaching with simulation in healthcare. It is meant to assist novice simulationists, especially in Malaysia and around the region, who need a simple guide to start their practice in healthcare simulation. It covers the core topics of simulation-based education (SBE), such as analysis of determining the need for simulation, setting the objectives and outcomes of the simulation, creating the simulation scenario, preparing for the simulation activity, importance of simulation pre-briefing, facilitation, assessment, and debriefing in simulation. Finally, it also discusses how to do reflection and evaluation of the simulation activity. Other associated topics closely related to the simulation practices, such as simulation modalities, clinical application of simulation, video-based learning, and remote-based learning, were also included. Hopefully, this simple book will guide all readers, especially those who want to start their experience with simulation, and eventually help achieve better patient care and safety.



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