Insights into Covid-19 Crisis: Economic & Finance Case Studies

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Insights into Covid-19 Crisis: Economic & Finance Case Studies

Authors: Zurina Kefeli I Nursilah Ahmad I Nor Haziah Hashim
Publisher: USIM Press
ISBN: 9789674409029
Weight: 0.4kg
Pages: 247pp
Year: 2021
Price: RM38

Insights into COVID-19 Crisis: Economic and Finance Case Studies is a collection of 11 local cases edited by Zurina Kefeli, Nursilah Ahmad, and Nor Haziah Hashim. The cases are written to illustrate how companies, organizations, small businesses, and decision-makers deal with the unprecedented health crisis that later translated into an economic crisis in Malaysia. The cases depict the stark reality of both big and small businesses, and how the war is waged against coronavirus to ensure business survival and continuity. The toolkits suggested in analyzing and providing remedial measures include, but are not limited to, macroeconomic analysis, takaful underwriting and product compatibility, corporate finance analysis, financial planning analysis, business sustainability and marketing strategy, moratorium, and loan amortization analysis, and virtual audit analysis. Each case is unique and a few of them are enriched with naqli and aqli nuances. The cases provide a small window to a different reality and will give case users different perspectives on how to fight pandemics of the future.



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