International Dispute Settlement Mechanisms

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International Dispute Settlement Mechanisms

Authors: Mohammad Naqib Ishan Jan
Publisher: IIUM Press
ISBN: 9789670225425
Weight: 0.5kg
Pages: 424pp
Year: 2012
Price: RM62

INTERNATIONAL DISPUTE SETTLEMENT MECHANISMS introduces the readers to the main peaceful methods for the settlement of international disputes. It addresses mainly interstates disputes involving issues of different aspects of international law including international economic law, the law of the sea, territory, and other legal and political disputes. Settling international disputes peacefully is crucial in ensuring a nonviolent and harmonious world. A harmonious world would be a distant dream if states resort to using force or violent means to resolve their disputes. Generally, violent means are not a good alternative to peaceful means for violence engenders more disputes and if not prevented devastates humanity both in terms of life and property. Resolving international disputes peacefully is, therefore, crucial for the stability of the world and for the maintenance of its peace and security. This is the main reason why international law - a law that basically regulates the relations among states and other entities having international legal personality, encourages states to resort to 'peaceful means to settle their disputes. An attempt is made in this book to highlight some major interstates disputes and to provide a comprehensive discussion of the main peaceful means that international law offers to settle them. A number of selected documents on the settlement of international disputes are also attached in this book so as to provide the readers with the original text to refer to, appreciate, and to be facilitated in case if they desire to conduct further research on the issues of international disputes resolution mechanisms.

MOHAMMAD NAQIB ISHAN JAN was born in Afghanistan and is an Associate Professor and the Head of Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit (ADRU) at Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah (Faculty) of Laws (AIKOL), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He is also a member of the World Trade Organization and Globalization Unit, and the International Law and Maritime Affairs Unit (ILMA) at IIUM where he obtained his bachelor's, master's degrees, and Ph.D. in Law. His areas of expertise include International Law of Armed Conflict, International Human Rights Law, Refugee Law, and the Law of the United Nations. He has published extensively in these specialized areas. He has taught public international law, the law of torts, commercial law, and the law of contracts. He has published a number of books and numerous articles in refereed law journals and presented academic papers at national, regional, and international conferences.



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