Introduction to the Islamic Worldview: A Study of Selected Essentials

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Introduction to the Islamic Worldview: A Study of Selected Essentials

Editor: Abdelaziz Berghout
Publisher: IIUM Press
ISBN: 9789675272479
Pages: 222pp
Year: 2017
Price: RM45

This book sheds some light on the Islamic Worldview and its vital role in the renewal of the Muslim Ummah. In principle, the Islamic worldview stands as the cementing force behind the making of the Islamic civilization and its progress in history and society. The book deals with the Islamic worldview not only from a theological perspective but more importantly from a comprehensive perspective stressing its civilizational implications in the life of the Muslim and the Ummah as well. On the other hand, this book provides important information on the various aspects of the Islamic worldview as well as the western worldview so as to assist the reader to grasp and appreciate the distinctive features of Islam and its vision of life. This book creatively summarizes many scattered ideas and ties together many important aspects of the Islamic worldview reflecting its coherent and consistent vision of life. Additionally, it highlights the essential role of the concept of Tawhid in human existence and life. Last but not least, this book adds another vital brick into the works and studies related to the Islamic worldview, opening a new horizon on this field of study.

Abdelaziz Berghout is the Deputy Rector at the Office of the Deputy Rector (Internationalisation & Industry and Community Relations, and a Professor of Fundamental and Inter-Disciplinary Studies, Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, IIUM. He received his Bachelor Degree in Finance from the National Institute of Finance, Algeria; Master in Revealed Knowledge from IIUM; Ph.D. in Islamic Civilization and History from the University of Malaya and Postgraduate Diploma in Human Sciences from IIUM. He has authored nine books and over 40 refereed articles. He lectures widely in Malaysia and abroad. He won several awards, such as, best lecturer award, best researcher award, and outstanding researcher award. Currently, he is the Dean of Corporate Strategy and Quality Assurance, IIUM.



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