My Odyssey : Revolutionary And Evolutionary

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My Odyssey : Revolutionary And Evolutionary 

Author:  Jeyaraj C. Rajarao
Publisher: SIRD
ISBN: 9789672464433
Year: 2022
Price: RM100

This autobiography is reflective of the many dimensional attitudes of the author, Dato’ Jeyaraj C. Rajarao. As he recounts his life story it is evident that he has lived a life with passion, integrity, wit and mischief. A life of black and white, with very little grey in it.
The narrative begins with a simple story of love that spans decades. It then takes the reader through a young boy’s experience of the Japanese occupation of Malaya until she gains independence. It is obvious that the political, social and economic situation of the period influenced Rajarao as a young boy and helped form his ideologies. Rajarao is hard-hitting and critical when he conveys his opinions about the activities of the Prime Minister, and his cohorts, that caused Malaysia to be regarded as the worst kleptocratic country in the world.  However, the reader becomes aware of how much Rajarao loves and despairs for Malaysia as he shares how she is being torn apart by race and religion-based policies. No doubt, there is much that can be regarded as controversial or confrontational but that is inevitable when truth is told. The book is intensely personal and immensely interesting. He is brutally honest as he admits his mistakes and apologizes.

This book is recommended reading for the young and the old, as it is both a history book as well as an autobiography. It is dribbled with sharp observations on life, and draws the reader into a different era, yet it also educates them and recommends a purpose driven life. The Odyssey is certainly most thought-provoking, enlightening and stimulating. 

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