Parliament and Deliberative Practices: Malaysia under Barisan Nasional

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Parliament and Deliberative Practices Malaysia under Barisan Nasional

Author: Nazli Aziz
Publisher: UMT Press
ISBN: 9789672939252
Pages: 194
Year: 2020
Price: RM36

The 14th General Election (GE14) has revitalized new interests to re-examine the politics of governance and policy-making of Barisan Nasional (BN) as the former Malaysia Government for 61 years. This book focuses on deliberative practices in the Parliament of Malaysia when BN governed Malaysia. The Parliament of Malaysia warrants empirical investigation if we want to better understand if, and how deliberative practices occur in the Westminster systems outside the Western world. Malaysia contributes to a better understanding of the evolution of a Westminster-style parliament outside the Western world. The Parliament of Malaysia is an example of how the Westminster system, has been localized as the consequence of balancing, adaption, and modification of the local cultures, norms, and values. This book contributes to the enrichment of the empirical studies on parliamentary institutions in the non-Western world, which has been underdeveloped in the field of parliamentary democracy studies. Hence, this book offers new insights into the complexity of deliberative practices when foreign ideas have been planted in a public institution that is modeled after Western traditions. All these contradictions produce new thinking in parliamentary studies and the deliberative democracy approaches.

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