​The Dynamics Of South Korea's Relationship With Asia-Pacific

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The Dynamics Of South Korea's Relationship With Asia-Pacific

Author:Norma Mansor, Keum Hyun Kim & Md. Nasrudin Md. Akhir

Publisher: UM Press

ISBN: 9789831008621

Year: 2016

Price: RM48.00

This book presents the dynamism of South Korea’s relationship with Asia-Pacific. The chapters feature contemporary issues and topics that introduces the reader to perspectives behind fundamental differences between South Korea and some of its partners, while underscoring the strong economic and trade ties between them.

It provides insights into several important topics on Malaysia-South Korea relations and South Korean studies, covering two broad areas. The first group of chapters address economics and trade and includes lessons from the South Korean experience in selected areas of development including social protection. The second group of chapters covers linguistics, media and cultural studies that are critical to understanding international relations.

While this book is purposely biased toward present-day Malaysia and South Korea, the chapters are sensitive to history and context, with some chapters pointedly historical in their approach. In short, the aim is to capture multi-layered perspectives and paradoxes within Malaysia-South Korea ties.

The distinguishing factor of this book is that it is a product of the views of practitioners and academia on selected issues concerning South Korea and its partners.



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