Urban Poverty: A Case Study in Malaysia

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Urban Poverty: A Case Study in Malaysia

Authors : Ataul Huq Pramanik, Mohd Asri Abdullah, Alias Mat Derus, Nizam Barom
Publisher: IIUM Press
ISBN: 9789833855803
Weight: 0.3kg
Pages: 170pp
Year: 2009
Price: RM44

Urban poverty is inextricably linked to rural poverty. In fact, the former is caused by the latter. The 'Pull' and the 'Push' factors can significantly explain the prevailing dismal conditions associated with urban poverty. The goal of faster development that is manifested through commercialization, modernization, and urbanization contributed to the urban-biased development strategy. The lack of appropriate priorities for rural/agricultural development contributed to the 'Push' factors.

Based on the detailed findings on the multi-dimensional aspects of urban poverty, this study strongly suggests that the development should be taken to the people and not the people to the development which is mostly confined to the urban areas. This will, on the one hand, reduce the justification for growing allocations for urban-biased industrialization strategy and weaken the 'Push' factors related to one way 'rural to urban flow' of the aspiring younger generation, on the other. The problems of over urbanization with the concomitant effects on poor living environments in ramshackle houses in squatters giving rise to growing social and moral degradations can be largely overcome by redirecting priorities for improving human capital as well as enhancing economic opportunities for the rural and urban poor, in general, and those from less developed regions, in particular.



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