On The Love Books In The Islamic Tradition

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On The Love Books In The Islamic Tradition

Author: Azenita Abdullah
Publisher: Rzx-Casis
ISBN: 9789672686453
Pages: 189p.p
Year: 2024
Price: RM45

Al-Jahiz (d. 868/869) lived a life of a book enthusiast and devoted his life to the pursuit of knowledge. Al-Jāhiz is also an excellent writer who wrote many books on different subjects. His most famous book is Kitab al-Hayawan - an extensive compendium written in seven volumes on natural history.

In this book, the author highlights that Kitab al-Hayawan is also an important - and is probably the earliest written account in Islamic history that discusses the importance of books in human civilization. Written mostly in the form of anecdotes and poetics descriptions, al-Jāhiz discusses the following: 1) books as the best means of expression, 2) effective styles of writing, 3) the virtues of books, 4) the habit of collecting and beautifying books, 5) the problem of translation and editing, and 6) advice to writers (on the purpose of writing). In addition, he also brings some criticisms against books and his insights into the many issues related to books that he encountered during his time.

The Islamic literary craft and tradition is an essential and noteworthy achievement of Islamic civilization. Three significant highlights of this outstanding achievement are also discussed at the beginning of this book: 1) the writing and transmission of books, 2) the scribes and booksellers, and 3) the Islamic libraries. Al-Jahiz lived during the most important period in Islamic history, and his writings on this subject are considered imperative and vital for the history of Islamic

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